Women In Trades 2014

The Women In Trades Career Fair is coming up this spring of 2014 and we are getting ready by forming a team of girls to take to Portland, Oregon for the event.

“The largest non-traditional career fair of its kind, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. produces the interactive, 3-day Women in Trades Career Fair to increase the overall number of women working in the trade and to help fill the imminent gap in the labor force that will be created with record-levels of upcoming retirements of skilled trades people.” -WIT website

This 3-day event is for Middle and High School girls to get an exposure to different skills they can build and the variety of work they can get after high school. It’s a great empowerment opportunity for young girls and I love it! I’m excited to see the events the fair will have this year! I’m told that over 700 girls show up to the event from all over Oregon.


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About Tatiana D

My background is in Field Biology and Ornithology. I'm the Ecosystems Restoration Leader at Phoenix Charter School. I try to implant scientific concepts into the minds of teenagers, as well as inspire curiosity about the natural world!

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